Verification of MBA e-certificates

Type a numerical part of Certificate Number as seen in header to search box below to confirm authenticity.

2626COMARCO 3652Class15-Apr-202317-Nov-2027Valid
2627COMARCO 3652AFS15-Apr-202317-Nov-2027Valid
2628COMARCO 3652ILL15-Apr-202317-Nov-2027Valid
9240723Comarco 2801CL, ILL, ITC, AFS28-Jul-239-Feb-2025Valid
2632Palma 2401CL1-Dec-20239-Jul-28Valid
2633Palma 2401ILL1-Dec-20239-Jul-28Valid
2634Palma 2401AFS1-Dec-20239-Jul-28Valid
8791022Comarco Swift / 8324206CL, AFS6-Nov-20225-Nov-2027Valid
8730422Titan / 9254094CL, AFS, CSSC, ILL, SR12-Sep-229-Apr-27Valid
Buzzard / 9221499
CL, AFS21-Feb-2320-Feb-28Suspended
9080123Comarco Merlin / 9210830CL, CSSC, AFS, ILL, SR15-Jan-2314-Jan-24Suspended
1564Mathilda GemCSSC11-Apr-202110-Apr-2026Valid
1565Mathilda GemILL11-Apr-202110-Apr-2026Valid
2635Margaret D / 8356534ITC8-May-247-May-28Valid
2536Margaret D / 8356534CSSC8-May-247-May-28Valid
2637Margaret D / 8356534ILL8-May-247-May-28Valid
9021122Black Fuel / 8407632CL, ILL, ITC, AFS, SC, SE, SR, IOPP, IAPP, IEEC, ISPP, IGPP, DOC, SMC, ISSC, MLC, SNLB28-Nov-2227-Nov-27Valid
9011122Brentix / 7292221CL, ILL, ITC, AFS, SC, SE, SR, IOPP, IAPP, IEEC, ISPP, IGPP, DOC, SMC, ISSC, MLC, SNLB30-Nov-2229-Nov-27Valid
9630224Elena II / 8647751CL, ILL, ITC, AFS, SC, SE, SR, IOPP, IAPP, IEEC, ISPP, ISM DOC, SMC, ISSC, MLC12-Mar-202411-August-2024Interim valid
9310923Mentmore 1 / 9137727CL, AFS, SR, IOPP, IAPP, ISPP, ITC, ILL, SE, SC, SMC, SOC-HM, SW-Tow, ISM DOC11-Sep-202310-Dec-2023Suspended
9270423Vema ElandCL, CSSC, ILL, ITC4-Apr-202328-Mar-2024Suspended
9260223Vema 232Class, ITC, ILL, SC(NC)23-Feb-2322-Feb-24Suspended
0080223OspreyClass, CSSC, ILL, ITC7-Feb-236-Feb-24Suspended
0010123FalconClass, CSSC, ILL, ITC4-Jan-233-Jan-24Suspended
8850622Deepsea TreasureCL, ILL,, MODU, AFS, IOPP, IAPP, ISPP1-Aug-202231-Jul-2027Suspended
8900922NW AIDARA / 8837227CL, AFS, CSSC, IAPP, IEEC, IOPP, ISPP, ILL, SR29-Jan-2315-Sep-27Suspended

The number as printed on the certificate should look similarly to this: “PALA-4567-IOPP” or “8500522-SE”. You must enter only numerical part.

Please report to MBA by email: if the certificate number is not found in the database, as the certificate might be fraudulent. Please first check if your entry is correct, i.e. corresponds to the number printed on paper copy or displayed electronically. 

Database is updated at the end of each month, so please check the certificate issue date and endorsement date. Remark “Valid” means that all required surveys and endorsements were done satisfactory in correct time and manner.