Who We Are?


Purpose of the organization is to provide Class and Statutory certification to marine vessels on behalf of the flags of registry and in accordance with national and international legislation and regulations.

We strive to meet and exceed customers’ expectations by providing quality service to authorizing flag state as well as to wide maritime community with focus to African small and medium sized shipping enterprises. We provide most cost-effective services by streamlining our procedures and reducing processing costs while remaining fully compliant with all Statutory and Regulatory requirements. MBA is currently authorized as RO by Sierra Leone, Tanzania-Zanzibar, Togo, Samoa, Guyana and Palau (on case-to-case basis).

MBA currently has 91 vessels on its permanent register and quickly expanding under new management that undersigned is in charge of. MBA is a market leader in segment of Single Voyage for Demolition, were we attended more than 150 vessels per year. List of certified vessels is available on MBA website: mbaclass.co.za.

Maritime Bureau of Africa (MBA) was formed in 2016 as South African Corporation with Head Office in Cape Town, South Africa, staff of which is composed of Director, Technical Appraisal Officer, Naval Architect, Mechanical Engineer, and a secretary. MBA engaged ten exclusive surveyors, based in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Greece, India, Nigeria, USA, Turkey, and South Africa.

Managing Director of MBA, Capt. Andre Goncharko was an independent maritime safety surveyor since 2004 after retiring from active Master duty on board the ships. He was then engaged as non-exclusive surveyor for several Class Societies until taking over current position. A.Goncharko is in possession of degrees of MS(tech), Master of Business Administration, ISO-9000 certificate, qualifications as Lead Auditor for ISM, ISPS, MLC, BWM, as well as all other required training and qualifications for all applicable Class and Statutory Certification in maritime field. All other MBA personnel are suitably qualified with ample experience in the field.

MBA was audited and certified for standard ISO 9001:2015 in 2016 and re-certified in 2017 and 2018 by certification authority TUV-SUD accredited by the Government of Germany. See the ISO Certificate. Currently MBA is fully compliant with the requirements of RO Code.


Class/ Statutory Certification and Services in the scope of registration include:

  • Application of MBA Class Rules in relation to the design, construction and survey of ships and other marine related facilities.
  • Classification surveys of Ships with regard to both new-builds and in-service.
  • Statutory Certification of Ships and Mobile offshore units are provided in contractual arrangements with Flag Administrations to act on their behalf by means of the adoption of an international, regional or national published instruments.
  • Design and engineering reviews and plans approval for vessels, their material, equipment and installations.
  • Training of seafarers and shore-based personnel.
  • MBA acts as a Deputy Registrar for Palau, Belize, Eswatini, Tanzania-Zanzibar and Togo International Ship Registries.


MBA orgchart

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Maritime Bureau of Africa to:

Provide services that meet or exceed the customer expectations and all applicable requirements and the quality of which is continuously perfected through the documented quality management system of the organization and establishment of measurable quality objectives.

We promote continual improvement of our quality management process in the pursuit of high levels of safety of life, property, and protection of the maritime environment.  

The Quality Management System, supported by management commitment ensure the continual delivery of:

  • High levels of technical expertise and competence;
  • Integrity, impartiality and ethical practices; and
  • Excellence of services as a Classification Society and a Recognized Organization.

 Our entire line management, supported by our internal quality system is accountable for the implementation of our quality policy, and shall be committed at all times to fulfil the needs and meet the requirements of our customer, our suppliers, our employees, and interested parties.

Mission Statement

“The mission of Maritime Bureau of Africa is to provide our clients and the public with the services needed by ensuring the safety of life and property at sea, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities”


“a reliable partner for the maritime world”


Main service process

Main service process